Felicia Porter

Born into a military family on a chilly winter day in a Germany, Felicia Porter’s life was destined to be one of movement and diversity. Her early years were marked by constant relocations as her family’s military assignments took them across the globe. Despite the frequent changes of scenery, one constant remained: the city of Chicago, which Felicia’s heart would forever consider home. 

Felicia’s introduction to music was truly unique, as her father, a distinguished conductor of the army band, played a pivotal role in shaping her musical identity. Her first memories revolved around watching her father command the band with grace and authority, instilling within her a sense of awe and respect for the art form. These early experiences laid the foundation for her own musical aspirations.

At the tender age of 10 years old, Felicia’s parents presented her with a flute, believing it would be her chosen instrument. However, fate had different plans. As she ventured into playing the flute, she realized that the instrument’s acute and delicate tones didn’t resonate with her inner musical essence. It was during this exploration that she embraced the instrument which had always captured her attention and would become her true voice—the trombone. “It was like coming home to an old friend.”

The deep, resonant notes of the trombone resonated with Felicia in a way that no other instrument had before. Its rich timbre allowed her to express herself authentically, capturing emotions and stories with an unparalleled depth. This marked a transformative moment in her musical journey, leading her to embrace the trombone as her primary means of self-expression.  Felicia’s dedication and raw talent quickly propelled her into the spotlight. She honed her craft under the guidance of revered mentors, mastering the trombone’s nuanced techniques while infusing her unique voice into every note.

Felicia’s formal musical education began in the realm of classical music. She immersed herself in the intricacies of the genre, refining her technical prowess and understanding of musical theory.

Guided by her classical music foundation, Felicia pursued her education with fervor. However, it was during her college years that Felicia’s artistic horizons expanded dramatically. While pursuing her studies, she realized an insatiable hunger to explore diverse musical genres, to break free from the constraints of tradition and embark on a voyage of musical discovery. This pivotal realization led her to make a bold decision—to continue her musical education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Berklee became the fertile ground where Felicia’s musical boundaries were shattered. Surrounded by a vibrant community of artists from all corners of the globe, she delved into an array of genres spanning jazz, funk, rock, world music, and more. Her experience at Berklee was transformative, as she honed her improvisational skills, embraced collaboration, and delved into the intricate nuances of music production and composition.

After completing her studies, Felicia’s journey took her across the Atlantic to Europe. Here, she found a harmonious partnership both on and off stage with her husband, Mario Caramel, a talented saxophonist. Together, they formed a remarkable saxophone and trombone duo that captivated audiences with their innovative blend of sounds. Felicia’s trombone prowess seamlessly intertwined with her husband’s saxophone melodies, creating a harmonious marriage of tones and emotions.

Felicia’s ability to navigate various musical landscapes with finesse and authenticity earned her a reputation as a versatile artist. Her performances resonated not only with those who appreciated traditional jazz and classical genres but also with those eager to explore the boundaries of contemporary music.

Beyond her accomplishments on stage, Felicia is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring musicians, especially young girls aspiring to wield the trombone.

Today, Felicia resides in the enchanting city of Padova, Italy. As a freelance trombonist, she has established herself as a sought-after artist, collaborating with musicians from all corners of the globe. With the trombone as her steadfast companion, her journey has come full circle, as she continues to explore and innovate with her own musical projects, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape with each resonant note she produces.